PHP Ramp Up (Evenings)

Gain exposure to and experience with writing code in PHP

Tues & Thurs Evenings from Dec 1st until Dec 10th
7:30pm -9:00pm ET

Four 2.5-hour sessions



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Making the transition from "dabbling in code" to understanding a programming language can be daunting. First you need to pick which programming language to learn, then you need to somehow learn it. As of April, 2020, it is reported that PHP is in use by 78% of ALL websites! Popular CMS systems such as Drupal and Wordpress are primarily powered by PHP. Not a bad choice for a first language! Join us as we dive into learning PHP through a combination of lectures, code samples, and take-home exercises and reading material. As learning your first programming language is never easy, the learning experience will be divided across multiple lectures and led by knowledgeable, experienced, empathetic instructors.

This class is designed for:

  • Developers with little to no experience writing PHP code
  • Beginners interested in progressing towards becoming Drupal, Wordpress, Laravel, or Symfony developers
  • Complete beginners with an interest in learning their first programming language
  • Drupal site builders, themers, or content editors looking to journey towards custom module development

What You'll Learn

  • PHP is used by 78% of ALL websites! (Stat last updated on April 2020)

  • PHP powers Drupal, Wordpress, Laravel, and Symfony content management systems / website building frameworks

  • Learning PHP is a career accelerant: Work your way up from editing content to building full websites!

  • Learn about variables, functions, loops, arrays, objects, outputting webpages, frameworks, and so much more!


A Better Way To Learn

Previous graduates built,, and more live websites!

Our personalized approach to teaching allows us to cater to individual student strengths and interests. Students are part of a real development team working on real projects. You'll even leave with a working portfolio and applied experience on a software project led by a senior developer.


Our Classes

Meet The Instructor(s)

At Debug Academy, we make sure we've got the right people in the room to get you the best education possible. Our instructors are screened, evaluated and skill-tested to ensure a quality learning experience for everyone.

  • Ashraf Abed

    Ashraf Abed is a certified Drupal 7 & 8 Grand Master, and a former Technical Architect at Acquia. He is involved in numerous enterprise development projects and has been fortunate enough to experience working as the lead developer on websites like Whitehouse.Gov and other prominent Drupal websites. Teaching is his passion.



  • Jack Garratt

    Jack Garratt was a historian and an educator who earned his PHD before switching careers to Drupal development. He enrolled in Debug Academy's career-changing Drupal development course and has gone on to attain both of the Acquia Certified Front End Specialist and Acquia Certified Developer certifications.

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