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Curriculum personalized each class.
Work on functionality-rich websites.

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Graduates trained in Git, HTML, CSS, PHP, and Drupal.

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What are we teaching next?

This semester we will be teaching Drupal 7 development as well as front-end development in Drupal 8. Students will learn how to be valuable members of an enterprise-level Drupal development team. Your teacher is a Director of Technology at the Mighty Guild and previously a Technical Architect at Acquia, the company co-founded by the original creator and project lead of Drupal. He currently works on some of the largest Drupal websites in the world, putting you in great hands. You will be a great asset to any Drupal development team! Material covered includes Git, HTML, CSS, Drupal, and introductory PHP. These skills easily transfer to other web-technologies, and will put you in a great position to be employed as a web developer.

Unfamiliar with Drupal? You're in for a treat. Drupal is an open source CMS which powers websites built for The White House, NBC, Twitter, Ebay, Harvard, Stanford, NBA, PUMA... and so many more. The website you are on right now was built by graduates of this class! To see more websites built using Drupal, visit's showcase.


What happens when the class is over?

This course will take approximately 12 weeks. After the course, your teacher will not teach another class for 3 weeks - this is so that your teacher has time to help motivated students get paid work, and be available for questions to make your career transition smoother. This is appealing to employers - they will hire you, and you have your newfound network as a resource for advanced questions. We pride ourselves in ensuring motivated students reach their goals.

For example: In previous semesters, teachers have helped motivated students secure even higher positions than expected by providing post-course interview advice and customized job-specific study material at no additional cost. 


When and where is the next class?

Students can choose between a fully online semester or a semester based out of Portland, OR. For both classes, faculty will be based out of Portland, OR, and the greater Washington DC area.
Graduates will be well placed to score a great job with the active local Drupal community. The next class will be held from February 12th, 2017 to May 3rd, 2017.

Once 15 applicants are accepted and confirmed, applications for the course will close. Don't delay! Apply now.


Can I afford the class?

Previous graduates' salaries increased by an average of about 40% as a direct result of taking the class. Within 1 year of beginning their new careers, some graduates made 5 times the cost of tuition in addition to their previous salaries. Can you afford not to take this class?

Unlike most other classes, we are NOT okay with taking your money at a loss to you. We do what we can to make that possible - including providing interest-free loans. Furthermore, we personally reach out to graduates who excel and hire them for paid projects soon after the class is over.

Because of this unique combination, we fully expect that you can afford this class; regardless of your current financial situation. A down payment of $1,000 is required to enroll.

Still think you are unable to afford the class, but are eager to participate? Let us know in your application; scholarships are available for a limited number of applicants.




Our personalized approach to teaching allows us to cater to individual student strengths and interests. Students are part of a real development team working on real projects. They leave the class with a working portfolio and applied experience on a software project lead by a senior developer. Previous graduates built,, and more live websites!

  • Work on live projects
  • Smaller classes
  • Personalized, focused curriculum
  • Taught by full time developers
  • Prepares you for a lucrative career
  • No experience necessary!