Debug Academy helped me land my first job after Lambda School

February 03, 2022
Authors Headshot Lynda Santiago

I am writing this blog post in hopes of helping anyone who might be where I was months ago “Overlooked and rejected” by many employers. Thanks to Debug Academy's 3-month Drupal Course, I was able to land my first front-end web development job months ago for a large client -->“The Cheesecake Factory”!! I remember the joy I felt before I started just knowing that I was going to have the opportunity to work on a project for that client. I was in literal shock. I thought to myself “Wow I am actually getting a chance as a junior developer to get my hands-on experience on a real-world project and for such a high-profile client”.

The learning experience I had while working on that project was exactly what I needed. I had moments where I felt like I needed to know it all. I remember a time I reached out to Ashraf who is (‘Debug Academy’s CEO/Instructor) and I let him know how I was feeling. I won’t forget the words he said. He told me “Debug Academy’s course is focused on teaching enough that you can get hired on a team & build most of a project” and he couldn’t have said it any better. A lot of what I learned in the course I was using during my time working on this client project. The things I came across that I didn’t know I was able to ask for help or look online but due to taking the course it was enough for me to be able to feel so comfortable with about 90% of the tasks I was assigned on the client project.

Now that I have gained this work experience it will help my resume keep looking outstanding. I have a lot of employers noticing me now and I know for sure this will keep boosting my career path. Matter of fact due to this Cheesecake work experience I have been able to continuously be placed on client drupal projects via Debug Academy. 

I went from learning React.js at Lambda school and being a student there for 9+ months and applying to many jobs and getting rejected due to how oversaturated the job market is for React, to learning Drupal for only 3 months at debug academy and working for “The Cheesecake Factory” && just to think that I was about to turn down the opportunity of learning drupal at debug academy after Lambda School because I honestly didn't want to learn another tech stack after already had completed a 9+ months coding Bootcamp but I am glad I went the path that I did!

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