Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford this class?

Previous graduates' salaries increased by an average of about 40% as a direct result of taking the class. Within 1 year of beginning their new careers, some graduates made 5 times the cost of tuition in addition to their previous salaries. Can you afford not to take this class?

Unlike most other classes, we are NOT okay with taking your money at a loss to you. We do what we can to make that possible - including providing interest-free loans. Furthermore, we personally reach out to graduates who excel and hire them for paid projects soon after the class is over.

Because of this unique combination, we fully expect that you can afford this class; regardless of your current financial situation. A down payment of $1,000 is required to enroll. Click here for more information.

How can I apply?

We're glad you asked! Simply fill out our very short application form, and we will be in touch shortly!

Take the first step to your new career by applying now:

When and where is the next class?

While our classes are normally accessible both online and in-person, due to COVID-19 they are temporarily only accessible LIVE online. 

As we have multiple upcoming courses (including our popular career-changing Drupal Web Developer course!), please view our Upcoming Classes page to find all upcoming events.

Is this class for beginners?

This class is designed with beginners in mind, but more experienced students will feel at ease with the amount of material covered. The class is tailored to the students' level, so if a student is more advanced, they will be provided with more advanced assignments and reading material.

Is the class right for me?

Our applications are not only to see if students can handle the class, they are also so that we can make sure applicants are enrolling for the right reasons. If we don't think the class will help you accomplish your goals, we will reach out and tell you why.

What will this class teach me?

This class will teach you how to build websites using Drupal 8, as part of an enterprise team. Drupal is used to power many of the largest websites in the world, and Drupal developers are extremely in-demand. Employers are regularly surprised and impressed with our graduates' knowledge and ability to jump right into a dev team.

Topics covered include:

  • Git
  • Composer
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • Drupal Site Building
  • PHP
  • Twig
  • Module Patching
  • Creation of basic Custom Drupal Modules
  • Drupal Theming

Can I change careers by taking this class?

You definitely can. Drupal developers are extremely in-demand right now, and colleges don't yet teach Drupal. If you show up to all classes and complete all assignments, then you will be in a good position to change careers.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) which powers small to large websites and applications. Drupal is used to build small to advanced websites, and to power the backend of mobile apps. It is extremely flexible, and can be used to build virtually any website or web application you can imagine.

What are some websites built using Drupal?

The White House, NBC, Twitter, Ebay,, BBC, Harvard, Stanford, Warner Music Group, U.S. Department of Justice, Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Government of Australia, NBA, MLS, NFL, PUMA, GE, Whole Foods, 2016 Summer Olympics, NCAA... should I go on? These are a few of the more recognizable names that use Drupal to power some or all of their websites. It's not only the big guys, however - even the website you are on right now was built (by graduates of this class) using Drupal!

What makes this class valuable?

  1. The curriculum is customized each semester based on the accepted applicants and their goals
  2. Applicants are accepted if we expect their salary to increase significantly by taking the class
  3. Your teacher is a Technical Architect at Acquia; whose CTO is Drupal's project lead
  4. After the class is over, our team helps get you interviews and paid work
  5. Our partnership with means that graduates are regularly invited to work on paid projects
  6. After teaching a class, our teachers will not teach another class until they have helped motivated graduates get paid work

Unlike most other classes, we are not okay with taking your money at a loss to you.

Previous graduates' salaries increased by an average of about 40% as a direct result of taking the class. Within 1 year of beginning their new careers, some graduates made 5 times the cost of tuition in addition to their previous salaries. Interest-free payment plans are available, and motivated graduates are invited to work on paid projects after the class is over.