Become a Drupal 8 developer & contributor with our Thorough course

September 01, 2018
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Enrollment is now open for our upcoming live Drupal 8 web developer course which begins on September 30th. Enrollment is handled on a first-come, first served basis. Enroll at our student-built website now!

All of our live courses are available fully online, as well as in-person at a metro-accessible location in the Greater Washington DC area. The photo above is a picture of our classroom; grab your seat and join a tight-knit team of Drupal 8 developers building a new project.

Take advantage of the GovCon / Labor Day Discount this weekend!

If you register this labor day weekend (by midnight on Monday), you will receive a discounted registration price, saving an additional $200.00 off of whatever payment plan you select!

Just apply at our student-built website here:

Become a Drupal 8 Developer (& Contributor!)

Our course is unique in its format and is accessible to individuals of all backgrounds. This semester will be taught by our founder, Ashraf Abed, who is a certified Drupal 7 and 8 Grand Master and is well connected in the Drupal community.

  • Topics covered include: Development environments, GitComposer, Front End Development (SASS, Twig), PHP, Object Oriented Programming, and so much more
  • Two 3-hour sessions per week for about 12 weeks.
    • Sunday from 10am-1pm Eastern
    • Wednesdays from 7:15pm-10:10pm Eastern
    • Semester begins Sept 30th, 2018
  • Fits in your life: Time off for holidays, additional time off after tougher topics
  • Become a Drupal contributor by doing your homework!
    • We contribute something new to Drupal each semester
  • Join a tight-knit community of Drupal developers
    • Alumni have said we provide "a great community within the wider Drupal community", and that the ability to brainstorm tough development problems with other alumni after the semester's conclusion has been invaluable

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Using the Command Line
  • Composer for Drupal 8
  • Development environments & Setup
  • Installing client websites
  • Git Commands & Git Workflows
  • Advanced Git Usage
  • HTML5 & CSS
  • Responsive design, Grid system
  • SASS & Drupal theming with SASS
  • Twig for Drupal 8
  • Site building in Drupal
  • Views query generator in Drupal
  • Introduction to Drupal Data Architecture
  • Enterprise development - Managing Configuration in code
  • Using Drush & Drupal Console
  • PHP, Object Oriented Programming with PHP
  • Debugging PHP using an IDE
  • PHP in Drupal - the hook system
  • Interpreting the Drupal API
  • Addressing various website tasks
  • Advanced Drupal theming with PHP
  • Drupal pages: nodes, panel pages, and pages with PHP
  • Advanced caching mechanisms for Drupal
  • And more!

Apply at our student-built website today!

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