Building Sites with Drupal | Drupal Training for Beginners

Use Drupal to build scalable websites as you create data structure, blocks, dynamic pages, and more!


Our Drupal Course for Beginners can show you how to build the underlying structure and content of your website without code(!). In this hands-on course, we walk you through many "Drupal-isms" so that you may unlock the power of Drupal while performing the duties of a "site builder". Those responsibilities include configuring your website, planning and implementing data architecture (using Drupal entity types), managing user roles and accounts, editing content, building pages, and installing and configuring existing and contributed modules and themes. This is your first step into working as a Drupal web developer.

This class is designed for:

  • Developers at any level. Yes, ANY level!
  • Anyone considering a career change into the web development field
  • People interested in learning how to manage more than just content on their Drupal websites


What You'll Learn in Our Drupal Training for Beginners

  • Implementation of data architecture (via Drupal content types)

  • When & how to create taxonomies, media types, block types, and more!

  • Extending Drupal Core's basic functionality by enabling additional modules

  • Building dynamic views of content

  • Various approaches for page building

  • Creating various user accounts and user roles with differing levels of access

  • Take home exercises to learn even more!

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Friday, June 14, 2024
Time: 9:30am - 4:00pm US ET
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A Better Way To Learn

Previous graduates built,, and more live websites!

Our personalized approach to teaching allows us to cater to individual student strengths and interests. Students are part of a real development team working on real projects. You'll even leave with a working portfolio and applied experience on a software project led by a senior developer.


Our Classes

  • I am very glad that I could get a job in Drupal

    At Debug Academy, Drupal front end training course is curated with real time use cases, regular exercises and home assignments to train an individual with minimal experience in computer programming. I was fortunate to be part of this training to fulfil my dream in software development field. While I sincerely worked on the tasks assigned to me and I got complete support from Ashraf and team to complete the tasks with clear understanding. The beauty of this training is that I was trained to be part of the real time projects.

    Shruthi Hulivana Nagaraju
    Drupal Developer
    Student Headshot
  • "I think the way learning in this course is laid out is really well done"

    The structure and order of the course made a lot of sense, it was very logical, and paced in an appropriate way. As soon as I got curious about another topic, it came up later in a lesson or in the next lecture. I think the way learning in this course is laid out is really well done, and now I'm going to have a hard time following the structure of other courses if it doesn't feel just as logical. Well done. Thank you.

    J'Vaughn Johnson
    Software Engineer at Yale University
    Head-shot of J'vaughn
  • "Being able to also work on a real project was amazing"

    I enjoyed the formal "lecture" and then the code along division of each class. Being able to also work on a real project was amazing and being part of real workflow using Git was especially helpful. Also, having Ashraf available for Zoom calls was quite nice in addition to the Slack chatroom.” Ashraf's a great instructor, he explains things in a way that make it seem more approachable.

    Jack Garratt
    Senior Full-Stack Drupal Developer at ICF
    Head-shot of Jack Garratt
  • "I really liked the support I received when taking the course!"

    I took the course and with the skills I gained, I was able to get placed on a high-profile project "The Cheesecake Factory"! && many other client projects right after. I must say the tools I learned here at Debug Academy are very similar tools that the teams I work with on client projects use as well which is pretty amazing! I highly recommend this course!!

    Lynda Santiago
    Drupal Developer at Debug Academy
    Student Headshot

Meet Your Instructor

At Debug Academy, we make sure we've got the right to give you the best education possible. Our instructors are renowned experts who lead with empathy to ensure a quality learning experience for everyone.

  • Amani Mansour

    user headshot

    Amani Mansour is a Technical Architect at Debug Academy. She has led many of the Drupal projects for Debug Academy's clients, both in the government and private sector. After taking Debug Academy's Drupal web development course, Amani worked at a digital agency where she contributed as part of an enterprise Drupal web development team to build websites for leading nonprofit organizations. She has a passion for using her technical skills to contribute to social good.

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