Drupal 8 & 9 Web Development

Learn Drupal 8 & 9 development with a focus on front end development.

Enjoy going to work every day, earn a substantial salary, and feel like you’re making a positive impact

But how do you get to the next level in web development when you have no degree, no formal training, and no experience?


You don’t want to spend months studying only to come up against a hyper-competitive job market. Many invest thousands of dollars into education, and thousands of hours studying, only to send out hundreds of resumes and...crickets. Don't let that happen to you.


What if you chose to hone your skills in a framework used by some of the most prestigious companies and governments in the world? Organizations with hundreds of open positions, just waiting for competent developers to apply?


Companies like Acquia, Apple, and Tesla are currently hungry for developers with Drupal skills. And the average base salary for Drupal developers in the US is $95,718, according to Indeed.com (December 2020).


Drupal is a free, open source content management software used to make some of the world’s most impactful websites and applications.

And it's not just the big names — even the website you are on right now was built using Drupal (by graduates of this class)!


To build sites like these, you could read books, watch pre-recorded videos, and figure it out on your own...


...and still feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. But you’d be expending a lot of time. 


Time you don’t have, if you really want to move forward with your career. 

Whether you’re an experienced developer who has pieced together some Drupal knowledge—or a total newbie who just wants to get into the industry—It’s time to stop hacking together your Drupal knowledge and learn from experts.

Introducing The Debug Academy Drupal Web Development Course


A small-group, online live instruction course designed to take you from beginner (or self-taught) developer to career-ready Drupal expert in 3 months.


This time next year, you could be contributing to a website like NBC News, Doctors without Borders, or your favorite local NGO — while making an impact and earning a higher salary.

Head-shot of J'vaughn
J'Vaughn Johnson
Software Engineer at Yale University

The structure and order of the course made a lot of sense, it was very logical, and paced in an appropriate way. As soon as I got curious about another topic, it came up later in a lesson or in the next lecture. I think the way learning in this course is laid out is really well done, and now I'm going to have a hard time following the structure of other courses if it doesn't feel just as logical. Well done. Thank you.

Head-shot of Jack Garratt
Jack Garratt
Debug Academy Instructor, Drupal Developer

I enjoyed the formal "lecture" and then the code along division of each class. Being able to also work on a real project was amazing and being part of real workflow using Git was especially helpful. Also, having Ashraf available for Zoom calls was quite nice in addition to the Slack chatroom.” Ashraf's a great instructor, he explains things in a way that make it seem more approachable.

Senior Developer, Booz Allen Hamilton

I finished the class and kept practicing and before I knew it, I landed a new job! I've been working as a Drupal Developer for about 6 months now.

Debug Academy's Drupal Course is for you if… 

You’re a beginner with no experience in programming


  • You’re looking for more flexibility and a higher salary
  • You’re dedicated to putting in the time and effort to be successful in the class
  • You want to feel in-demand in the job market
  • You don’t want to feel alone as you’re learning a new software or leveling up your skills
  • You want a community, whether you’re working for a company or on your own
  • You already have a full-time job and want to fit it in around your life
  • You don’t have time for a bootcamp that will take up all of your time
  • You want to learn a framework that’s in demand (because everyone else is learning React)
  • You want to learn Drupal the right way from the start (instead of figuring it out as you go)

Or if you’re an experienced developer, but you want to master your Drupal skills


  • You already know a different programming language, like Java
  • You learned Drupal 7 but never Drupal 8
  • You're a little bit scared of Drupal 8 and don't want to tackle it alone
  • You’re ready for the skills to get a promotion
  • You know how isolating it can be to learn new software, and you want support
  • You’re self taught and don’t know best practices
  • You want to feel in demand in your company
  • You already have a full time development job, and you need a course that doesn’t take up all your time
  • You don’t have time for a bootcamp that will take up all of your time

Nice to meet you, I'm Ashraf Abed (pronounced ush-rough)

I’m a Drupal Grand Master and your instructor.

Ashraf Abed, Lead Instructor

I help new and experienced developers learn Drupal, uplevel their skills, and change careers


I was the lead developer for the Obama administration’s White House Petitions site. And as a developer at Acquia, I led a MongoDB migration with 30 million records. 

I’m also a Certified Drupal 7 Grand Master and Drupal 8 Grand Master and a trainer for Drupal and ReactJS. I’m a former technical architect at Acquia, the company that founded Drupal.


But I wasn’t always a quality Drupal developer.

I taught myself Drupal and worked as a web developer for over 15 years. But once I joined the Acquia Drupal development team, I realized that I hadn’t been using best practices. I was a good developer, but until I joined Acquia (and learned Drupal best practices) I wasn’t doing things the right way:


  • I wasn’t getting feedback from senior team members
  • we weren’t using version control
  • we weren’t doing code reviews
  • we weren’t making the right architecture decisions


Bottom line — I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and I was creating problems I couldn’t see. We were creating “technical debt.”

There are 5 ways to do Drupal. 3 of them are the right ways. But only one is the best way.


I want you to learn the best way from the start — without having to spend years figuring it out


That’s why I created this course. Whether you’re a software beginner or an experienced developer, you should learn the right way to do Drupal from the start.


And you should have the support of experienced instructors and community.

Even from the first week of class it was clear that Ashraf has an incredible amount of knowledge on the subject he's teaching. I appreciated the fact that he taught at a level that someone completely new to coding could understand. Also, even outside of class he was incredibly helpful and always open to messages. Overall, I feel he loves what he does, and he lives up to his title of Drupal Grand Master.

From a newcomer to programming

Teaching is my passion — I founded Debug Academy when I realized that I could teach people with no software development experience and help them change their lives.


Debug Academy is a Certified Acquia Training Partner and a Certified Acquia Development Partner.

acquia training logo

Certified Acquia Training Partner

Acquia Logo

Certified Acquia Development Partner

Debug Academy’s Drupal Web Development Course Is The Reliable Way For New And Experienced Developers To Become Drupal Experts, Change Careers, And Increase Salaries


We’ll cover everything you need to excel in a job as a Drupal developer.


If you’re new to web development, all you need to know about the course is this:


By building and launching a real project, we teach the topics you need to know to perform both frontend and backend development work on Drupal 8 and 9 websites.

But if you want the specifics, these are the topics we’ll cover together in the course. You’ll learn how to….

  • use the Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • manage packages, patches, and dependencies with Composer
  • set up & use a local Drupal Development environment
  • use Git commands and team workflows
  • manage updates in Configuration in Code for Enterprise development
  • write semantic HTML5 & CSS
  • understand and apply Responsive design fundamentals
  • use SASS in Drupal themes
  • modify Drupal 8 & 9 themes with Twig
  • build Drupal sites
  • create searchable lists of content with Drupal's query generator "views"
  • understand the basics of Drupal Data Architecture
  • gain efficiency with CLI tools, Drush & Drupal Console
  • utilize PHP Fundamentals and programming best practices
  • comprehend Object Oriented Programming in PHP
  • debug PHP using an IDE
  • write Basic Drupal modules
  • use Drupal hooks and interpret the Drupal API
  • inject data into themes with PHP
  • choose how to build Drupal pages from various options: nodes, twig, layout builder, PHP pages
  • familiarize yourself with advanced Drupal caching layers

How The Course Works

During the 3-month course, we’ll cover everything you need to become a Drupal developer and take your career to the next level, no matter where you're starting from.

Two Lectures a Week


Live online instruction on Wednesdays and Sundays in a small, 10-20 person group setting.

Recordings of every class


Every class is live, but you’ll get recordings of the entire course so you can make up any sessions you missed — or review sessions again.

Written lessons for every class


Jargon-free written material so you know exactly how to follow step-by-step instructions.

Hands-on assignments


Assignments mimic real-life projects and contribute directly to Drupal.org.

Unlimited 1:1 support


Unlike pre-set office hours, you can arrange times to meet with your instructor whenever you need help during the semester.

Lifetime access to Slack community


Instructors and Debug Academy alumni are active inside the Slack community, where you’ll build relationships, get support, and find hiring opportunities.

Opportunity to contribute to Drupal.tv as a graduate


Graduates contribute to Drupal.tv and benefit from Debug Academy’s connections to companies seeking developers.

Apply Today!


It's time for you to join the Drupal community.



You'll complete hands-on assignments.

It’s hard to get excited about “practice” coursework that will just get thrown away. That’s why doing your homework contributes to Drupal.org.

(Theory is great, but not when it comes to getting an actual job.)

You’ll get to work on real-life projects during the course.

Homework assignments contribute directly to Drupal.org. So if you do your homework (which you will, because you’re a committed, driven person), you will graduate as a contributor to Drupal.

Drupal is open source, so you technically could contribute to Drupal.org on your own (but without guidance and a community it’s complicated, so many don’t ever contribute). During the course, we make it really straightforward: Do your homework assignments and you’ll graduate as a contributor to Drupal.

two women taking debug academy course

You'll be part of a development team


Teamwork during the course mimics how you'll actually work on a development team


By the end of the course, you’ll benefit from code reviews and work with a team. So you'll have a leg up when you're looking for a job.


You’ll submit homework using version control as a pull request. And we’ll review it and give you feedback before merging it into the real project, just like you would in a real development team.

Technical Architect, Acquia

By the end of the class I had worked on multiple Drupal sites and landed an interview with Acquia, who ended up hiring me as a Drupal Developer. Highly recommend it.

Software engineer and Beaconfire Red Employee

"My favorite aspect was learning with my classmates. A lot of us were new to web development and some of us had experience but were learning. I loved having that interaction with other students who are all very driven and goal-oriented."

Developer, CWS

Taking the class ended up being one of my best career decisions. Prior to the course, I had no knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, Git, or Drupal. Now, I am a Drupal Developer.

Support during and after the course


We've got your back


We keep our courses limited to 20 students or less, so you’ll never feel like one in a crowd.


You’ll get unlimited one-on-one support via Slack and Zoom so you can get help if you’re feeling stuck or confused.




And after the course is over, you’ll have lifetime access to the Slack community. Instructors and Debug Academy alumni hang out there, so you can run your architectural decisions by the experts — and actually get answers. Here’s what past students have to say about access to the supportive Slack community:


You're still helping me with my work years later


My boss thinks I'm a genius because I ask you all the hard questions

Alumni of Debug Academy’s Drupal Web Development Course (who continue to participate in the Slack group)


You'll get help finding paid work


When the course finishes, we’re not leaving you on your own to find work.


You get lifetime access to the supportive Slack community with Debug Academy alumni and instructors


Even after you get a new job (or get promoted at your existing job), work can be isolating if you’re the only Drupal developer on the team.


So when you have questions on the job and don’t want to ask your boss, you can ask us first.


Plus, Debug Academy has close connections with companies looking to hire our students.


We don’t just teach you the material and wish you the best. We’ll help you search, find, and apply for a job. Thanks to our partnerships with Drupal development companies and Acquia, graduates are regularly invited to work on paid projects.

"Ashraf is more than willing to get online and do a Zoom call where you share your screen and walk you through the issues."

Kevin, Drupal Developer

Unlike most other classes, we are not okay with taking your money at a loss to you. We want you to reach your career goals.


Apply Now

Go from inexperienced and unsure to highly paid and happy in your career


Students Who Changed Careers After Taking This Course Increased Their Salary By An Average Of 40%

And within 1 year of beginning their new careers, past graduates made back 5 times the cost of tuition in addition to their previous salaries.


You deserve a job that makes you enjoy going to work every day — and pays well

If you’ve been toying with the idea of learning Drupal, pivoting your career, earning more money, and making an impact, you should apply for Debug Academy’s Drupal Course.


Making a huge career shift — whether you’re doing a 180 or leveling up in your current position — is anything but easy.


But when you have the right support, the right skills, and the right teachers, it’s surprisingly straightforward.

Drupal was selected to build websites for organizations like:



NBC Peacock Logomark


Harvard University


The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

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twitter bird




Warner single w icon

Warner Music Group, US

NCAA text logo


Medecins Sans Frontieres, Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders

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Johnson &  Johnson

Australian Government

Australian Government

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Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods

Invest in your future
as a highly paid developer

Apply for the next cohort of
Debug Academy’s Drupal Web Development Course


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Application takes 2 minutes.
There’s no pressure to enroll, even if you’re accepted.


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Imagine: You’ve completed the course you’re prepared for your career as a Drupal developer. You have:

  • The skills to progress in your personal and professional goals — whether you’re building a personal project or building a site for a major organization
  • Experience in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 that you gained during the course
  • The skills you need to work on websites for mission-driven organizations that you care about
  • The skills and support to apply for and land a full-time developer job
  • The tools to enjoy your career, and enjoy going to work every day
  • A community of developers who you can count on for support
  • Teachers who have your back, even after the course is over
Drupal developer

I never feel like I’m alone. I’m always confident that I’m going to understand it at the end of the day because I have that support structure behind me.

From a graduate of a different coding bootcamp prior to this course

I’ve learned so much more valuable information from you in the first 5 and a half weeks, than I did during the 16 and a half weeks at the Bootcamp. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

A student looking to re-enter the workforce

Being older and female, I frequently felt like I didn’t belong when attending conferences or meetups with white 20-something males. But I REALLY felt comfortable with this group of students and instructors. The kindness and patience of the instructors responding to even the very basic questions reassured me that this is a community I can be a part of.

Look, Drupal is not for everyone. But if you’re committed to leveling up in your career you owe it to yourself to apply and learn more about this course.


Applications are first-come, first-serve, and we limit the course to 20 students. If there’s a tiny part of you that wonders what’s possible when you level up your Drupal skills, make sure you give yourself a chance — apply before the seats are filled.


Apply Today


You don't have to look like a "typical" software developer to be welcome in this course.


You belong here.


Inclusivity and accessibility aren’t just values on our website, they’re defining features of the course.


We want you to be able to learn Drupal and change your career, regardless of your background, what you studied in school, or what kinds of careers you’ve dabbled in.

"But what if life happens during the course?"

Things come up. We get it. If life happens and you’re unable to finish the course, we’ll let you retake the entire course for free once (seriously).


"But... what if I'm waiting for the right time to take the course?"


Here’s some tough love: There is never a right time to start a course like this — one that could potentially change your career (and your life). Don’t let uncertainty stop you.


If it helps, Fall 2020 Debug Academy students have even said that taking this course during such an uncertain year has actually helped them handle the curveballs.


It's given me some strength as I can go back over the previous videos and homework and get a much more peaceful feeling. Mostly because I can use what I'm learning almost immediately. It's been super helpful.


A student from the Fall 2020 Drupal course


I have found working on our classwork/homework and attending classes has provided me with a lot of peace, stability, and socialization in a crazy time where I'm isolated while working from home.


A student from the Fall 2020 Drupal course

If you're still wondering if this is the right time for you, submit the form below then schedule a no-pressure 20-minute call with me, Ashraf, the lead instructor. I’ll answer any questions and help you decide whether it's the right fit for you.


Seriously — we’re not here to pressure you into a course that’s not a good fit for you or your goals. The course relies heavily on teamwork and group dynamics. So we need people who are enrolling for the right reasons.

Invest in your future as a highly paid developer, apply for the next Debug Academy Drupal Web Development course.

There’s no pressure to enroll, even after you’re accepted.

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