How Much Does Drupal Certification Cost?

August 30, 2023
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Standing out in the dynamic world of web development can present a challenge. While Drupal devs are more in demand than ever, more and more individuals are entering the job market. The competition is tough.

You've dedicated countless hours to honing your craft, keeping abreast of the latest technologies, and building an impressive portfolio. Yet, there's still that nagging feeling: how can you further distinguish yourself in this saturated market?

Drupal certification is a coveted accolade representing more than just another line on your resume. It's a testament to your expertise and commitment to the field of Drupal web development. 

But as with all great endeavors, there are costs - both financial and in terms of effort. The burning questions then arise: How much does Drupal certification cost, and is it truly a wise investment?

Whether you're a budding web developer seeking that competitive edge as you get started or you want to increase your earning potential as a seasoned dev, we’re going to provide insights to help you determine whether it's worth investing in Drupal certification or not. 

First, what exactly does being a Drupal-certified developer entail?

What is Drupal Certification? 

Drupal is a powerhouse in the realm of content management systems. It has become a mainstay for businesses and organizations worldwide, including the US government. 

Its robustness and flexibility allow for the creation of diverse digital experiences, from simple blogs to intricate web applications. It’s no wonder this is one of the best specializations in web development.

As the demand for Drupal expertise surges, there arises a pressing need to validate and recognize professionals who possess genuine proficiency in this field. 

That's where Drupal Certification enters the frame.

What it Means to be a Drupal Certified Developer

Drupal certification is a formal recognition provided by authoritative bodies, indicating that an individual possesses specific skills and expertise related to Drupal development. 

It's not just about understanding the basics of Drupal, but mastering its diverse aspects, from site-building and theming to backend development and more.

At its core, being Drupal certified means that you have not only spent considerable time working with Drupal but have also passed rigorous exams testing your knowledge and skills. 

These exams are typically conducted by recognized entities, such as Acquia, and are designed to challenge even seasoned Drupal developers. As a result, businesses can enjoy greater peace of mind by hiring you.

Different Types of Drupal Certifications Available

Now, there are a myriad of Drupal certifications you can attain from various organizations - but you’ll notice that Acquia offers some of the most trusted certifications in the world of web development. Below, we’ll highlight a few different certifications you can consider:

  • Acquia Certified Developer: This certification is proof of a developer's capability to build and manage Drupal sites.
  • Acquia Certified Grand Master: This title is reserved for the elites, those who've proven their prowess in multiple Drupal areas.
  • Zend Certified PHP Engineer: While not exclusive to Drupal, this PHP certification complements a developer's Drupal skills, given Drupal's PHP foundation.
  • Acquia Certified Front-End Specialist: As the name suggests, this certification hones in on front-end Drupal skills, ensuring developers can craft intuitive and interactive user interfaces.
  • Drupal 9/10 Developer Certification: A testament to a developer's adeptness with the latest versions of Drupal, ensuring they're up-to-date with the newest features and best practices.
  • Acquia Certified Back End Specialist: This dives deep into the intricacies of back-end Drupal development, from module development to database optimization.
  • Acquia Certified DevOps Specialist: For those adept at streamlining the development process, integrating tools, and ensuring efficient and continuous delivery.
  • Acquia Certified Solution Architect: This goes beyond development, testing a professional's ability to architect solutions that leverage Drupal's capabilities to meet specific business needs.

There are countless other certifications, but these are a few noteworthy ones. In essence, Drupal certification is more than just a badge or a line on your resume. It's a validation of your skills, dedication, and expertise in the expansive world of Drupal. 

The Value of Being Drupal Certified

Drupal certifications act as a gold seal, a testament to your proficiency and commitment to the domain. But the value of being Drupal certified extends far beyond a mere accolade on your resume. Let's delve into why obtaining a Drupal certification is akin to striking gold in the digital world.

Market Demand for Drupal Certified Professionals

The digital landscape has seen an exponential rise in the adoption of Drupal, with giants like NASA, Harvard University, and Nvidia reaping its benefits. 

However, organizations are on the hunt for professionals who aren't just acquainted with Drupal but have proven expertise in harnessing its potential. 

You can get a web developer job without a degree, but there still needs to be a way for those hiring you to assess your skillset before setting you free on their websites. This is where being Drupal-certified gives you an edge.

Companies recognize and trust certifications from reputable organizations like Acquia. Being certified is akin to having an exclusive key, one that unlocks premium opportunities in top-tier organizations.

Businesses understand that certified professionals have undergone rigorous testing and training, ensuring they bring to the table not just skills but an in-depth understanding of leveraging Drupal to its fullest.

The Increase in Earning Potential

Let's talk numbers. Beyond the prestige and opportunities that come with being Drupal certified, there's a tangible, lucrative benefit: a significant bump in earning potential

Being Drupal-certified positions you as a specialist, not just a general web developer. It showcases your dedication to continuous learning and your commitment to excellence in the Drupal domain. 

Employers are willing to pay a premium for this expertise, knowing full well that a certified professional can drive results, innovate, and steer the ship when it comes to intricate Drupal projects.

Moreover, with specialized courses like our Drupal 9+ Acquia Front End Specialist Certification Training Course, you're not just preparing for an exam. You're immersing yourself in a holistic learning experience.

This ensures that when you step into the job market with your certification, you do so with confidence, armed with knowledge, and backed by a genuine mastery of Drupal. 

But, let’s get down to brass tacks now and discuss the Drupal certification cost so you can determine if this is the right investment for your career.

How Much Does Drupal Certification Cost, Though?

There’s no denying the value of being a Drupal-certified developer. You can earn more income and enjoy greater job security. How much does Drupal certification cost, though? 

We’ll break down not just the certification fees themselves but the associated costs of becoming Drupal-certified.

Breakdown of Certification Fees

Certification exams through Acquia generally fall within the range of $155 to $350 per exam. The variance in price often depends on the depth and complexity of the exam.

However, if you’re looking to maximize the value of Drupal certification and get the best bang for your buck, Acquia does offer a 10-pack of Drupal Exam vouchers for $2,500. It's a fantastic option if you aim to acquire multiple certifications and achieve a broad spectrum of Drupal knowledge.

Associated Costs: Training, Preparatory Materials, and Potential Retests

While the exam fee is a significant chunk, there are other costs to consider:

  • Training: Our intensive Drupal certification training is priced at $650. While this might initially seem on the higher side, consider its comprehensive nature. It prepares you thoroughly for the exam, drastically reducing the stress associated with preparation. Not to mention, it's structured to ensure that most candidates pass on their first attempt, minimizing the chances of needing a retest.
  • Preparatory Materials: These could include books, online resources, or practice exams. Costs can vary, but investing in high-quality resources can make a significant difference in your preparation.
  • Potential Retests: Should you not pass the first time, retests have associated costs. However, with our thorough training, the likelihood of needing a retest diminishes.

Comparison with Other Similar Certifications in the Market

When you put Drupal certification costs in context, it's a relatively affordable investment for the value it offers. For instance:

  • Cornell's Web Design and Development Certificate Program: Comes in at $3,750.
  • CareerFoundry's Full-Stack Web Developer Certification Program: Priced at $8,000.
  • MIT xPRO's Professional Certificate in Coding: A significant jump at $16,000.

Given these figures, the costs of acquiring Drupal certification through Acquia pale in comparison. Especially when you factor in the potential ROI in terms of salary hikes and career opportunities, the decision seems like a no-brainer. That being said, only you can determine if this investment is worth the cost.

Is the Cost of Drupal Certification Worth the Investment?

Chances are, you’re considering Drupal certification because you want to make more money. But, you’ve got to put your money where your mouth is and first invest in yourself.

Return on Investment (ROI): Potential Earnings Post-Certification

While the initial cost might make some hesitant, think of it as an investment in your future. Drupal-certified professionals can command higher salaries and are often in higher demand, meaning faster job placement or better freelance opportunities.

Personal Growth: Knowledge Enhancement and Skill Diversification

Acquiring a Drupal certification isn't just about getting a paper qualification. The rigorous training and examination process ensures you deepen your knowledge and broaden your skills. This diversification makes you more versatile, adaptable, and primed for varied projects.

The Intangible Benefits: Credibility, Confidence, and Industry Recognition

Beyond tangible benefits, being Drupal-certified boosts your professional credibility. It acts as an endorsement of your skills, instills a newfound confidence, and secures a respected place within the industry. 

Clients and employers recognize the effort and dedication it takes to earn such a certification, making you a prime choice for projects or promotions.

In essence, the value derived from a Drupal certification extends far beyond the cost of the exam, making it an undeniably smart investment in your career. And here at Debug Academy, we can help you take this next step in your career with our intuitive Drupal certification training.

Take the Next Step in Your Career at Debug Academy With Our Drupal Certification Training

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Not only do you gain access to live instruction, but you'll also receive a comprehensive study guide, hands-on code examples, practice exam sessions, and a platform to engage in insightful Q&As.

As an official Acquia training partner, our program offers a holistic training experience, inclusive of class recordings, a supportive Slack study channel, and teachers who've firsthand experienced the certification journey. 

We've equipped numerous professionals to tackle the exam with confidence, and now, we're inviting you to be the next. So, what’s holding you back? The Drupal certification cost is a small price to pay for the transformation it can make in your career!

Wrapping Up Our Guide to Drupal Certification Cost

In today's ever-evolving tech landscape, acquiring a Drupal certification is more than just a feather in your cap - it's a testament to your commitment, expertise, and readiness to handle complex web projects. 

We've delved into the multifaceted value of being Drupal certified, from the potential financial returns to the unparalleled professional growth and industry recognition it brings. Now that you know how much Drupal certification costs, why wait to take that next step in your career?

At Debug Academy, we understand the journey to certification, and that's why our training courses are strategically designed to offer comprehensive, real-world insights.

We have more resources to help you learn Drupal fast, including our list of common Drupal interview questions, our beginners Drupal training, Drupal 10 training, and even a free drupal training crash course.

So, if you're aspiring to soar to new heights in your web development career, investing in our Drupal certification training is the push you need. Take a leap and invest in your future today, the Drupal way!

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